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Premium color cosmetics and skin care designed
exclusively for women of color.

Leads the way with highest quality products and color selections  that enhance the exotic beauty of women of color.

Features unique and natural break-through products which are clinically proven to even skin tone and brighten the complexion within 30 days.

Flori Roberts has a proud African American legacy
with 93% name recognition in the United States.



Work when you want and how you want.

Build your own team and give yourself regular raises and promotions.

Earn a car allowance and drive the the car of your dreams.

Win trips, cruises, electronics and jewelry
as a reward for hard work and ingenuity.

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Meet consultants who have earned surprising income
even in their first 30 days.

Learn the secrets of entrepreneurs who have traded
their 9-5 for a career they love.

Choose your own hours and your own pay.

Color Me Beautiful Inc. 7000 Infantry Ridge Rd. Suite 200 Manassas, Va.

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